Grips on a film/video set have 3 main responsibilities. 

  1. Removing Light:  A grip’s primary responsibility is to remove unwanted light from the camera view.  Another way of thinking of this is they create shadows.  Sometimes the light is wanted but is too strong, so they will diffuse it. I’ve read online in several places in the recent past that Grips primarily move lights.  This is categorically incorrect, and a bit of a misnomer.  Electricians and grips often use the same types of equipment stands, but if there is a light on it, it’s lighting equipment and handled by the lighting department. The lighting department sets up and directs lights.  Grips remove unwanted light from the scene by blocking it and ultimately creating a shadow.  They do this in a variety of ways.  Most often with various sized black flags.
  2. Rigging:  Grips rig gridwork from ceilings so electricians can hang lights on them.  This happens more in a studio setup or perhaps a warehouse rather than in a home or a store front location.  They also set up rigging for mounting cameras and lights on moving vehicles.  Grips who specialize in rigging are aptly called rigging grips.  They will oftentimes show up days before the production crew in order to prepare the location for filming.  Rigging properly and safely can be a time consuming task.  The math involved to make sure the rig is safe is not to be taken lightly!
  3. Dollies:  Grips are responsible for dollies that cameras are mounted to.  Most dollies have wheels as well as a boom arm.  Some dollies only have wheels that a tripod is secured to, but it is still considered grip equipment.  Not only do the “Dolly Grips” set up dolly track, leveling it along the whole length, they also operate the dolly during the shot.  Pushing, pulling, steering, crabbing, and operating the boom arm.  A great dolly grip will also make sure the ‘head’ where the camera mounts is level, as well as setting flags along the path to remove any direct strikes of light causing lens flares.  Again, removing unwanted light.

Common Types of Grip Equipment for Photo/Video Industry

When it comes to professional photo and video production, the quality of the grip equipment can make all the difference. Whether you’re capturing the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip or the natural beauty of the surrounding desert, having the right tools is essential.

This is where grip rental in Las Vegas becomes critical to both efficiency and creativity. For producers and cinematographers seeking to achieve the perfect shot, a comprehensive grip package can provide the necessary stands, clamps, modifiers, and more to realize your creative vision.

In this bustling city, known for its vibrant entertainment industry, accessing top-notch gear is just part of the process. Let’s dive into what makes a grip package a crucial asset for your next Las Vegas production.

Grip and Lighting Stands

Light is the essence of photography, film and video. Shadows are necessary for contrast which sets a scene’s mood. Proper Grip stands help to manipulate light sources to cast the desired shadows and highlights. Different stands include:

Each stand serves a purpose to shape and control lighting and shadows.  A fundamental aspect of visual production.


Flags come in various sizes depending on the size and type of shadow is needed.

Fingers:  Fingers are small rectangular flags of various sizes designed to block just a little bit of light.

Dots:  Dots are small round flags of various sizes designed to block just a little bit of light.

Solid Blacks: Solid blacks are used to remove light and add contrast. 

Diffusion: Diffusion flags soften and spread light to create subdued lighting effects. 

Cucoloris: (Cookies) Cookies, or cucoloris, are great for shaping light and casting dynamic or dramatic shadows. 

Singles and Doubles: Lighting control flags come in either a single and double (which either cuts one or two stops of light, respectively) 

Clamps and Mounts

Securing cameras, lights, and accessories in place or at unique angles is achieved with an array of clamps and mounts. Examples include:

These tools are key for getting those difficult, creative shots that set your work apart.

Grip Accessories

Beyond the mainstream grip equipment, several accessories contribute to a safer and more orderly set. These may include:

Armed with the right accessories, the crew can work efficiently, ensuring both equipment and personnel are safeguarded.


Whether it’s for grip equipment rental in Las Vegas or your personal toolkit, each piece of equipment plays a pivotal role in the production chain. With a solid understanding of the various grip equipment types and their functions, content creators and G&E equipment renters can make informed decisions that align with creative goals and production demands.

Remember, the beauty of visual media lies as much in the technical execution as it does in the narrative. Investing in the right grip equipment is investing in the potential of your project. Before your next shoot, consider these grip essentials not just as tools, but as extensions of your artistic expression.

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