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Meet the Most Versatile Production Package

We are OnLocation Production, your one-stop solution for versatile, comprehensive, and cost-effective production packages. With just one phone call, you can book our top-notch G&E equipment rentals. Experience the convenience and excellence that sets us apart.

From Production Supplies to offices and equipment, OnLocation Production offers a premium one-stop production solution; a custom built fifty three foot mobile command center and equipment truck.

Our custom designed OnLocation tractor trailer provides amenities that were previously only possible with a fleet of trucks. Camera, Grip and Electric departments? Each one has its own walled off space complete with storage, a work area and individually dedicated accesses and lift gates. Production space? Wardrobe? A Hair & Makeup studio with plumbing? WIFI? TV? Rest Rooms? It’s all there in one complete rolling package. Who needs a fleet when you can have an Aircraft Carrier?

Base Package

We understand that every production is different. While our inventory reflects the preferred choices of experienced working professionals, we also recognize that there may be specific needs unique to your production. If you don’t see something included in our base package, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll work with you to ensure that all necessary elements are included in your show.

The Base Camp

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Camera Department

State of the Art


A fully functional nerve center


The latest in conventional & LED tech

Grip Department

An Entire 10-Ton… and More.

Journey Beyond

Power & Distro

Power On Demand, Anywhere, Any Way

Sound Department

Complete and Wireless Sound Package

Production Supplies

Everything that you will ever need


The equipment onboard OnLocation Production’s truck is a brilliant demonstration of how cutting-edge technology can be utilized to create a complete, versatile, and cost-effective production package. From the production supplies to the camera department, every element has been carefully selected to provide the most advanced and efficient solution for all production needs.

The department packages encapsulate the demands of most productions and underscore the strong link between OnLocation Production’s offerings and the industry’s demand for state-of-the-art equipment. These packages have been meticulously designed to incorporate the knowledge and skills acquired in the industry, providing the highest production value possible.

Below please find individual department lists. If you need anything additional for your production pelase don’t hesitate to ask.

Camera Department


OnLocation Production’s camera department comes equipped with either two Arri Mini LF large format bodies, or the Alexa 35, Arri’s newest top of the line body. We offer a full complement of accessories, lenses and video village support.

Tractor & Trailer

Our Kenworth Tractor

OnLocation Production provides a dedicated driver and inventory technician to assist with production logistics and answer any questions your crew may have regarding the location of equipment or materials. Our driver collaborates closely with your transportation captain to ensure seamless delivery and setup at each location. With our team handling the drop off logistics, you can focus on an exceptional production experience.

Mounted on the rear of our tractor is our Multi-Quip 1400 Amp Generator, more than enough to power your entire base camp & production.

The OnLocation Rolling HQ

The heart & soul of our operation.


  • Push button leveling system
  • Air Ride Suspension.
  • Level out slide outs.
  • Bathroom
  • Multiple department lift gates.
  • Multi-level
  • (3) 5,000lbs winches
  • Production office fitting up to 6 people.
  • Executive Lounge or talent holding
  • Hair & Make Up Room with hair washing sink.
  • 20kw onboard generator
  • Compressed air hookups throughout truck.
  • 110 & 220 outlets throughout truck.
  • Quad bonded LTE Wireless Internet
  • Isolated Camera department
  • Keyless entry security doors for camera equipment.
  • Workbench in Grip
  • Oversized rear screw lift gate.

Grip Department


Our Grip Package features a full range of American Grip stands, frames, dollies and accessories. If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.



OnLocation’s lighting department is state of the art and constantly updated, bringing you the latest in conventional and LED technology.

Sound Department


Completely untethered, free to roam about the set like a rockstar… We carry the rugged, durable Sound Devices 833 Digital/Analogue Mixer-Recorder, paired with Sennheiser mics and all necessary accessories, along with Lectrosonics wireless equipment.

Production Supplies

Production Supplies

Walkies? Check – 40 of ‘em. Director’s chairs? Check. Traffic cones? Pop ups? Expendables? Check, check, check. OnLocation Production leaves the barn with every production supply that you can imagine. And some that you can’t…


Production Office

Our six-seater production office provides all the space that your production’s nerve center requires, along with quad bonded LTE Wireless Internet, so your production is never out of reach or out of range.

Power & Distro

Power & Distro

Regardless of your power requirements or the length of your cable runs, you’ll have all the juice you’ll ever need with OnLocation’s Power & Distro package.

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