Production Supplies

Everything that you will ever need

Are you looking for a production supplies rental in Las Vegas? Look no further than OnLocation Production, your go-to source for all your production needs. Trust us to provide top-notch service and ensure your production runs smoothly.

Each time OnLocation Production’s mobile solution leaves the barn, it is stocked with a complete inventory of production supplies.

Walkies? Check – 40 of ‘em. Director’s chairs? Check. Traffic cones? Pop-ups? Expendables? Check, check, check. OnLocation Production provides an extensive range of production supplies, catering to every imaginable need. We offer comprehensive production support in Las Vegas, ensuring a seamless and successful event. And some that you can’t…

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The equipment onboard OnLocation Production’s truck is a brilliant demonstration of how cutting-edge technology can be utilized to create a complete, versatile, and cost-effective production package. From the production supplies to the camera department, every element has been carefully selected to provide the most advanced and efficient solution for all production needs.

The department packages encapsulate the demands of most productions and underscore the strong link between OnLocation Production’s offerings and the industry’s demand for state-of-the-art equipment. These packages have been meticulously designed to incorporate the knowledge and skills acquired in the industry, providing the highest production value possible.

Below please find individual department lists. If you need anything additional for your production pelase don’t hesitate to ask.